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Something Is Pickling The Chicken

The Friendly Neighborhood Chef’s Blog of Comics and Food

Something Is Killing The Children #14


Wazup guys just your Friendly neighborhood Chef here keeping you hungry for some more comics and food. This week’s read is the hottest and most trending indie comic book. Something Is Killing The Children. Written by James Tynion, also known for Department of Truth, WYND, and for those that don’t know indie books, Batman. And we Can’t forget Werther Dell’Edera who really makes this book look creepy as hell and brings our favorite character Erica Slaughter come to life.

This week I’m picking up on issue 14. But before we get into that here’s a quick synopsis of what is going on. A bunch of kids just start going missing in the town of Archers Peak and the problem is some never return. I would kind of compare it to the movie IT but instead of a freaky ass clown abducting kids, there are these Monsters that only children can see. People are terrified at what is going on and the only hope is Erica Slaughter that can possibly save the town. Unfortunately, there is an outbreak of these freakish monsters and it gets out of control that the House of Slaughter has to intervene and blames Erica for not handling her job properly.

We pick up after issue 13 were Erica just saved Bian and James from Cecilia and her crew. James leads Erica to his house where Erica has to figure out what’s next because the House of Slaughter are trying to cover things up and by that, I mean they’re going to kill anyone or anything to cover up this bloody mess.

We also see what the hell that little doll that Erica carries around can do. Octo’s (the doll) true form shows here. I can’t tell what the hell it is or why she carries it just yet but it kind of helps Erica by projecting the horrors of what the children can see and duplicate itself as the Mother Creature. She uses this in her advantage to copy the call of the Mother to draw in the younger monsters so that she can eradicate them.  OMG and while this is going on most of the town are being held hostage by the House of Slaughter at the school’s gym.

People are confused about this group and terrified as well. Another character named James who is tied to Erica from previous issues is trying to help these people from possibly getting murdered. Issue 14 ends with another cliffhanger. What will the House of Slaughter do to these innocent people???

If you like horror, cutthroat action, mystery, give this series a read. Issues 1-5 are very HTF. I would definitely recommend the Trade paperback.

Did you guys also know that IZZY’s Comics and ECGCE have an awesome Issue 14 variant w/ a Cecilia first cover appearance by Qistina Khalidah? I’ve already secured mine!


This week’s Dish, which I called “Something is Pickling the Chicken”:

Now you can do what I did on my Instagram and ill give you a recipe or just take my pickling chicken and put that shit on everything. Make a sandwich with it, make tenders with it , put it in your salad I don’t care its just that good and simple.

  • Feeds about 4 people


  • 1 pack of chicken boneless/skinless thigh about 1 or 2lbs.
  • 1 jar of Vlasic pickles


  • Trim any fat of from the thighs add chicken in a bowl then add the juice from the jar enough to cover the chicken add 1tbllsp salt and sugar. You can keep it covered for about 2 hours or 24 hours which is what I did.
  • Take the chicken out from the brine & pat it dry
  • Make sure you have egg, flour, panko
  • Add chicken to flour and coat it, then drop it into the eggs ,finally coat it with a panko and flour mix. Panko gives it that extra crunch 
  • You can fry pan fry or bake the chicken, depending on your preference 
  • Do the chicken yourself but if your curious on what I paired it with here you go!!! 
Red Cabbage puree:
  • Shave your purple cabbage(1/2 head) Sautee till translucent add red wine 2 tbs sugar and allow that to reduce by half ,finally add this to blender with a splash of heavy cream ,blend till smooth and run it through a coffee strain to get a more smoother texture.


Zucchini breadsticks recipe;
  • Use a box grater on Zucchini (I used about 3 and did about half of small sheet pan)
  • After grated use a kitchen towel and squeeze as much water out of it
  • Next combine 1 egg, ½ cup parmesan ½ cup mozzarella
  • Lay it out add mozzarella on top bake at 425 for about 10-15 minutes or until you reach your desired preference
  • Now time to plate up. check my pic if you need reference or go wild and plate your own up. Or if you used any technique I shared today give me a tag !!!


  • If your doing all of this it will take about an hour and 20 minutes .But if you wanna just do the chicken and use what you have in house already the chicken is quick to prep and tastes delicious .


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